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SimSig Sessions
On Our Lines plays SimSig
Date17 April 2020
Start time1900
Simulation Information
Simulations in useAston, Birmingham New Street, SimSig:Saltley
Control logView the log
Upcoming Sessions

On Our Lines' 10th SimSig Session is taking place on 17 April 2020. The Session will consist of a chain between Aston, Birmingham New Street*, and Saltley power signal boxes. Aston, and Saltley are all free simulations, whilst Birmingham New Street is payware. There are panels to suit all abilities available, and newcomers are welcome. The session will begin a around 1900, and you can join #on-our-simsig-lobby at any time for the pre-session chat. We will have a halftime break at 2200, and anticipate finishing the session at around 0100; please let us know if you need to leave before then.

To sign up please edit the page and in the Participants section at the bottom enter your user name, your availability, experience level and which paid simulations you have, if any; if you have a preferred panel you can also list it here although this cannot be guaranteed.

Overview[edit | edit source]

To follow.

Panel allocations[edit | edit source]

Region Controller on Duty: Jarley (talk) host
Info Controller on Duty:
Power Signal Box Controller on duty Panel Signaller on duty
Saltley (SY) Jarley (talk) host South Top TheTramwayGay648 (talk)
South Bottom Aimes (talk)
Centre TheOrangeOne (talk)
North Lcawte (talk)
Birmingham New Street (NS)
Paid simulation
North MinionJosh
Centre TC60054 (talk)
South 1 Jack
South 2 Jack (talk)
Aston (AN) Alrewas
Lichfield Trent Valley

Participants[edit | edit source]

  • Jarley (talk)
  • TC60054 (talk) would please like to leave earlier than 1am if poss
  • IgnoredAmbience (talk)
  • Lcawte (talk) - Until 10:30ish.
  • Jack (talk)
  • MinionJosh (talk)
  • HiDeHi (talk)
  • TheTramwayGay648 (talk) I'll be leaving at break time and I'd like Saltley sim with South Top panel if possible as it's been a while since I've done any signalling
  • Aimes (talk) - Relatively new to simsig & first session. Can get New Street if needed. Preference not Aston as I've done a lot of it recently
  • TheOrangeOne (talk) Don't have Birmingham, but can buy it if needed. Happy to have some fun on Saltley, though preferably not South Top as that's what I've done every time we've been in the West Midlands...
  • MichaelDono (talk) - Have New Street, likely need to leave at the 2200 break.
  • ChielM (talk) - I am about 80% sure I’ll be there, will have to leave at break time as I do have to work early on Sunday.
  • LaurenceC123 - Yes I am around!!