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On Our Lines.svg This user has been on Bradshaw for
6 months and 4 days.
The Progress Train logo.png This user's pronouns are She/Her.
The Progress Train logo.png This user believes in Progress.
Charlotte NMT square.png This user has been known to sound the Charlotte Klaxon.
Visual Studio Code 1.35 icon.svg This user writes ROC and On Our Lines Bot.
SimSig.svg This user plays SimSig at a Medium Rare level.

Discord white D.svg This user chats on Discord as ElaTheDeveloper.
Burn HST.svg This user logs their railway journeys on RailMiles as ElaTheDeveloper.
Patreon logomark.svg This user has a Patreon.
Vector Cartoon Coffee Cup.svg This user has a Ko-Fi.