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The Bradshaw logo, depicting a copy of George Bradshaw's iconic railway guide.
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Unlike the other brands, Bradshaw is a metaspace for documenting and managing the On Our Lines adventures, community and project.
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Bradshaw is the central repository for all of the information relating to On Our Lines. Named after pioneering railway publisher George Bradshaw, Bradshaw is a space to explore the stories and experiences behind On Our Lines, as well as to document and track the growth and evolution of both the project and its associated community.

Because Bradshaw is a wiki anybody is able to edit it, which means that it is the perfect place to create an overview of Britain's vast rail transport network. Whether you've joined the On Our Lines team on an adventure and want to add your own take on the experience, or if you have suggestions of things to look out for on future trips we'd love to have your contributions. This is a project for everyone who loves travelling by rail: there's something for everyone.

Bradshaw was launched on 18 January 2021 ahead of the launch of the main On Our Lines journal. It initially focussed on documenting and supporting the growing community active on the project's Discord server, as well as helping to build brand awareness for the forthcoming launch.