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The resident developer of SimSig:Railway Operating Centre. Most of the stuff is written in either C# or JavaScript, the nerds. If you're interested in any of my code, head over to my GitHub.

I am one of the hosts of the railway podcast Branchline Banter, where me and my friend Jonny talk about news and railway topics. We sometimes also get on guests to talk about topics in more detail.

I enjoy SimSig, Transport Fever 2 and Cities Skylines. I have been known to poke Eurostar Regionals into the wrong platforms at KGX and sending freights in front of express passengers.

If you want to contact me, ping me in the Discord or DM me on Twitter. I'm @ElaTheDeveloper on both. I have a website too.

If you enjoy what I do, a coffee is always appreciated! If you're feeling super generous, you can also become a Patreon (It helps keep the lights on and actual coffee flowing)