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In order to help plan future SimSig Sessions, both ad-hoc and official, it is extremely helpful for members of our community to know which paid sims each person owns or is interested in purchasing. Members who wish to enter this information should input this in the table on this page. Guidance on filling this in is available below.


This should be your wiki username, using the {{SimSig|username}} template.

Sims Owned

A list of all the payware sims which you own, ordered in alphabetical order. Please also try and keep these regionalised, using the regions which can be found on the SimSig website on the simulations manual page. The SimSig loader also shows free simulations, please do not include these in the table.

Willing to Purchase

A list of payware simulations that you have considered, planned to, or are willing to purchase to facilitate or participate in a multiplayer session. There is no obligation to purchase any sims on this list; it is simply indicative.

Ability Level

This is a self assessment of your ability and experience using the SimSig software on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is a novice and 5 is an expert.
Username Sims Owned Willing to Purchase Ability Level
TC60054 (talk) host controller Eastern: Huddersfield, Leeds Ardsley, Leeds East/West, Leeds Northwest, LTS, Sheffield, Tyneside IECC, West Yorkshire, York
Midland & NW: Birmingham New Street, Cheshire Lines, Chester, Coventry, Edge Hill, Hunts Cross, Huyton & St Helens, Leamington Spa, Manchester East, Manchester North, Manchester Piccadilly, Manchester South, Marylebone, Sandhills, Stockport, Warrington PSB, Wigan Wallgate, Wolverhampton
Southern: Three Bridges, Victoria South Eastern
Wales & Borders: Cardiff, Cardiff Valleys
Western: Plymouth
Open to suggestions 5
Mrdannyp (talk) Eastern: Sheffield, Tyneside IECC
Midland & NW: Sandhills IECC
Southern: Three Bridges
Huddersfield, Leeds Ardsley, Leeds Northwest, Manchester Piccadilly, Marylebone 2
Jarley (talk) host coach controller Eastern: Sheffield, Tyneside IECC, West Anglia, West Yorkshire, York
Midland & NW: Birmingham New Street, Chester, Coventry, Leamington Spa, Marylebone, Sandhills, Wolverhampton
Southern: Salisbury, Three Bridges
Western: Oxford, Plymouth
CallMeFlick (talk) host controller Eastern: Huddersfield, Leeds Ardsley, Leeds Northwest, Sheffield, Tyneside IECC
Midland & NW: Birmingham New Street, Cheshire Lines, Chester, Coventry, Leamington Spa, Manchester Piccadilly, Marylebone, Sandhills, Watford Jn, Wembley Mainline, West Hampstead, Wolverhampton
Scotland: Cowlairs
Southern: East Coastway, Horsham, London Bridge, Maidstone East, Portsmouth, Salisbury, Three Bridges, Victoria Central, Victoria South Eastern
Western: Oxford, Plymouth
deadly (talk) Midland & NW: Marylebone
Southern: London Bridge
Western: Oxford
Welsh or Western Region sims 4
Jack (talk) Midland & NW: Birmingham New Street, Chester, Marylebone
Scotland: North-East Scotland
Southern: London Bridge, Three Bridges, Wimbledon, Victoria Central
Keen to expand the collection! 4
MinionJosh (talk) controller in training Midland & NW: Birmingham New Street, Marylebone, Leamington Spa. Eastern & Anglia and Southern Sims but also up for suggestions 3
littlereddragon (talk) host controller Eastern: Fenchurch St, LTS, Sheffield, Tyneside, West Anglia, York N & S
Midland & NW Birmingham New St, Chester, Cheshire Lines, Coventry, Hunts Cross, Leamington Spa, Marylebone, Rugby Sth, Sandhills, Watford, Wembley Main, West Hampstead, Wolverhampton
Southern: East Coastway, London Bridge, Salisbury, Three Bridges, Wimbledon, Victoria SC, Victoria SE
Wales & Borders: Shrewsbury
Western: Oxford, Plymouth
Most others 3
IgnoredAmbience (talk) host controller All 4
laurencec123 (talk) Eastern: West Anglia
Midland & NW Birmingham New St, Chester, Coventry, Leamington Spa
Southern: Three Bridges, Wimbledon, Feltham
Most others 4
Goldenarrow (talk) Midland & NW: Chester, Marylebone Most others 2
Lcawte (talk) Southern: Three Bridges, Victoria Central, Portsmouth, East Coastway
Western: Plymouth, Salisbury
Limited budget but open to suggestions, particularly around the Southern/Midland region 3?
ChrisJ (talk) Eastern: Leeds East/West
Southern: Three Bridges
Most 2
HiDeHi (talk) Eastern: LTS
Midland & NW: Sandhills
Most, but Limited Budget. 3
MichaelDono (talk) Midlands & NW: Birmingham New St, Rugby Sth
Eastern: Tyneside IECC
Other Rugby sims, neighbours to Tyneside. 3
ChielM (talk) Southern: Three Bridges, Horsham Want to get LBG and some others, but on a VERY limited budget 2/3
Aimes (talk) Southern: East Coastway Most (just not too many too often) 2