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Wanderers & Vagabonds are the characters that appear during SimSig Sessions, often in connection with an incident or mishap. They exist to communicate with Signallers and Controllers alike, and will provide more information or respond to changing circumstances as appropriate. They are generally portrayed by Jarley.

Customer Service Representatives[edit | edit source]

Your call matters to these characters.

Cheryl Válenta[edit | edit source]

Cheryl Válenta is a Customer Service Representative for Jarley, Inc.

Train Drivers[edit | edit source]

These characters have appeared whilst driving a train.

Janine Dodsworth[edit | edit source]

Janine Dodsworth is a train driver for Hull Trains. She qualified on 10 April 2010 and had her first solo journey on 15 April 2010. Unfortunately, during this journey Janine's class 180 unit caught fire near Welwyn North station, however Janine ably dealt with the incident.

Away from work, Janine has a wife and two kids, Eleven and Fifteen Dodsworth-. She enjoys crocheting and reading magazines about Russian dolls in her spare time.

Her brother in law is Martin Martin.

Mobile Operations Managers[edit | edit source]

These characters have appeared as Mobile Operations Managers for Network Rail.

Adam Adams[edit | edit source]

Adam Adams is the Chester MOM. He loves being at work when things go wrong, and getting out and doing more unusual activities - except when it involves Merseyrail.

Fran Franklin[edit | edit source]

Fran Franklin means business. Never Francesca and always Fran, she's been a MOM for 3 years, starting out at Exeter before moving to the East Coast Mainline in early 2010. She gets the job done pronto... after she's had her breakfast. She's always on hand to answer her MOMTOM (Mobile Operations Manager Telecommunications Operational Mobile... or something) when she's needed.

Joan Jones[edit | edit source]

Joan Jones is the best North Wales MOM. Soon to go part time, she's worked for Network Rail since leaving school 30 years ago.

Martin Martin[edit | edit source]

Martin Martin is the West Midland's best MOM. By day he's out managing incidents and drinking tea, by night he tends to his flock of interesting birds. Martin once had a Heron, but sadly Martin's heron was killed in an unfortunate incident involving a Cessna 172, on a circular flight to and from Coventry airfield. Martin Martin is going to spread the heron's ashes at Martins Heron.

His sister-in-law is Janine Dodsworth.

Duty Reliability Managers[edit | edit source]

These characters have appeared whilst as Duty Reliability Managers (DRM) for London Underground.

Steve Stevens[edit | edit source]

Steve Stevens is a Metropolitan line DRM.

Local Authority Employees[edit | edit source]

These characters have appeared whilst in the employment of a local authority.

Trevor Townsend[edit | edit source]

Trevor Townsend has been Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue's top fire commander for twenty years. What he doesn't know about fires isn't worth knowing - he'll put them out and keep you safe night and day. Trevor attended his first ever train fire on 15 April 2010, when a class 180 caught fire at Welwyn North.

Engineers[edit | edit source]

These characters have appeared whilst providing an engineering, maintenance or support function.

Alan Cooper[edit | edit source]

Alan Cooper: Van Driver. By day he's First's van driving whizz, by night he's a local DJ for kids' parties and B'nei Mitzvahs. He's based at Old Oak Common depot and often finds himself assisting defective class 180 units.

Joanna[edit | edit source]

Joanna is Network Rail's track supervisor for Peterborough. She knows the railway like the back of her hand, and will always get the job done.

Businessfolk[edit | edit source]

Trucker Joe[edit | edit source]

Trucker Joe loves driving big and large lorries. He's often on a contract job for Tesco, and is diligent and conscientious about his work.

Trucker Joe was delayed with a load of Tesco ready meals on 15 April 2010 when he "accidentally" drove through the level crossing barriers at Everton Crossing.