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Screenshot of SimSig interface showing Brighton Station

SimSig is a railway simulation of modern signalling centres. The player takes the role of the signaller and routes trains and manages incidents in accordance with a timetable. The software is available natively for Windows systems, and can also be run on Linux and Mac installations using a compatibility layer.

A number of different areas are available for the simulation; some are freeware but the majority are payware. They offer a varied level of difficulty; some can be easily operated by a single player and are suited to beginners, whilst others may require multiple users to connect to fully operate the signalling and suitably manage any delays and disruption.

Many simulations can also be 'chained' together, allowing many people to control an entire area of the railway, and have to react to delays and perturbations caused in signal boxes elsewhere - just like the real thing!

Given that On Our Lines tracks the adventures of Jarley, a professional railway signaller instructor, it is not surprising that SimSig has become a popular element of the Discord server community, with regular multiplayer sessions taking place at a variety of different locations. Coaching and guidance is offered to signalling rookies, whilst those who are more advanced can take on the challenge of operating busy areas with a realist approach, all in a friendly and welcoming environment.

SimSig Sessions[edit | edit source]

SimSig Sessions
On Our Lines plays SimSig
Upcoming Sessions

SimSig Sessions are our weekly multiplayer simulations, often including a 'chain' of a number of different adjacent panels joined together to create one large, continuous area of railway where actions (and inactions!) can quickly affect everybody who is joining in. These sessions are generally held on a Saturday evening, and are open to anybody irrespective of experience level or ownership of paid simulations. They are usually also streamed into a Discord channel for those who wish to simply observe, and we are working on more exciting ways to immerse everybody in the action.

SimSig emoji[edit | edit source]

An emoji variant of the SimSig logo is available for use on our Discord server. The emoji was created by Arturs and is based off the logo used by SimSig.