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SimSig Sessions are weekly events where members of the On Our Lines community get together to work a panel or panels collaboratively in the game SimSig. They cater for a wide range of abilities and interests and will take place across the spectrum of simulations offered by the software. There will always be at least one free simulation included in multiplayer events, which often include multiple locations 'chained' together to allow operation of a large stretch of railway. Of course, this also means that any delays and issues experienced can propagate across all areas, quickly giving every signaller something to do!

Sessions are usually held on a Saturday evening, with signups opening on the preceding Tuesday. Workstations will generally be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, but this will be subject to confirmation until the afternoon before the session begins. If you wish to work a particular panel let us know when signing up - we can't always guarantee this, but the hosts will try their best. Those not wanting to take part will be able to watch by tuning into the On Our Lines Discord server. A report will also be added to Bradshaw after a Session to keep a record of the event, as well as to facilitate a handover when a simulation is played over multiple Sessions.

Sessions are bound by our etiquette guidelines. These are in place to ensure that everyone, no matter what their experience level, can enjoy the game, and to ensure that we can always deliver the promised Session. The hosts will enforce these as necessary, and breaching them may result in an individual being barred from taking part in a future Session or Sessions.

Adhoc games also take place depending on the number of people who are around and interested at any one time. You are more than welcome to host your own SimSig game in the on-our-simsig Discord channel, and to keep details of the game on Bradshaw, but it is up to you to make clear any 'house rules' for those taking part, and you should ensure that the games cannot be confused with a Session.

Disruption Management[edit | edit source]

Incident Level

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During our SimSig Sessions a number of different faults, failures and other incidents may occur - just like on the real railway. All of these events can have a negative impact on the train service. In order to manage incidents effectively, we use a disruption management and messaging format based on that used by Network Rail and Train Operating Companies to enable our Service Controller to manage disruption on their networks. This is used extensively in our Saturday Sessions and to a lesser extent in ad hoc simulations.

Railway Operating Centre[edit | edit source]

Our SimSig sessions are augmented by a WebApp that simulates the telephone networks that allow real life singalling centres to operate. The ROC software requires that all participants be a member of the On Our Lines Discord and have the SimSig role.

ROC is in a constant state of development, therefore it is requested that users read over it's wiki page each week before joining to note the changes made that week.

Upcoming Sessions[edit | edit source]

Upcoming Sessions will be posted here once their locations are confirmed. We will generally host a Session every Saturday, but days and times may vary depending on everyone's availability. Locations denoted with an asterisk (*) are paid-for simulations; when signing up please indicate if you have or are interested in purchasing this simulation.

Previous Sessions[edit | edit source]

Community[edit | edit source]

We have started to build a friendly and welcoming community of people who like to take part in SimSig Sessions. If you would like to be notified of when Sessions signups open you can add your name below. This is also a great place to list yourself if you are interested in either hosting simulations or coaching beginners. Hosts and Coaches for formal games are usually appointed by invitation based on their contributions to previous simulations and after demonstrating a suitable level of ability.

You can also add which payware sims you own, are willing to purchase, and your self-assessed ability level on our Community page.