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SimSig Sessions
On Our Lines plays SimSig
4 - West Midlands
Date27 February 2021
Start time1900
Host(s)CallMeFlick (talk) host
Jarley (talk) host
TC60054 (talk) host
Simulation Information
Simulations in useAston, Birmingham New Street*, Saltley
Sim date15 October 2009
Sim time1400
Service alertsAll routes - code yellow

On Our Lines' fourth SimSig Session is taking place on Saturday 27 February 2021. The Session will consist of a chain between Aston, Birmingham New Street*, Derby and Saltley power signal boxes. Aston, Derby and Saltley are all free simulations, whilst Birmingham New Street is payware. There are panels to suit all abilities available, and newcomers are welcome. The session will begin a around 1900, and you can join #on-our-simsig-lobby at any time for the pre-session chat. We will have a halftime break at 2200, and anticipate finishing the session at around 0100; please let us know if you need to leave before then.

To sign up please edit the page and in the Participants section at the bottom enter your user name, your availability, experience level and which paid simulations you have, if any; if you have a preferred panel you can also list it here although this cannot be guaranteed.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Good afternoon West Midlands signallers, this is your update from Network Rail regional control at 1400 hours. We currently have a Code Yellow declared across all West Midlands routes due to a number of earlier incidents in the Birmingham area. Some residual delay may occur for up to a further 60 minutes.

All Areas[edit | edit source]

Due to an unusually high number of failures today, Region Control have requested the availability of additional engineering resource. 1Q25, the Network Rail New Measurement Train, is at Birmingham International awaiting its booked departure time of 1421. 2Q08, Network Rail's Track Recording Unit, is also out and about in the region today.

Aston[edit | edit source]

Incident Level

Code unknown

Minor delays.


Disruption due to an earlier points failure in the Aston area.

There remains some residual delay to Cross City services due to multiple earlier problems in the Aston area. Rail replacement buses, however, have now been withdrawn.

  • A 6-car set of class 323 units is stabled additionally in Lichfield sidings. These units require moving to Soho depot prior to the evening peak, so that they can pick up their booked working.
  • 5Z64 is currently running additionally, empty, to Four Oaks, to start 2R41 there right time.

The ARS system at Aston has been giving intermittent issues this morning. Signallers are requested to not use ARS in consequence.

The block instruments between Alrewas and Lichfield Trent Valley has been signed out of use; signallers are requested to be extra vigilant of trains passing through this area.

There are intermittent issues with the Train Describer between Aston and Derby. Signallers are requested to obtain verbal confirmation of trains passing over the fringe.

Birmingham New Street[edit | edit source]

Incident Level

Code unknown

Minor delays.


Disruption due to an earlier points failure in the Aston area; disruption due to a signal failure in the Soho area.

There are a number of failures currently affecting services in the New Street area, with a small level of delay occurring as a result.

A track circuit failure is delaying trains in the Dudley Port area. 2W30 has been given authorisation through the area already.

There are lamps out on signal NS451 in the New Street area - no red or green aspects are available. There is currently no estimated time for a fix. This is primarily affecting Cross City services towards Lichfield; CrossCountry and currently investigating diverting their services via Landor Street.

All hot spare trains are in place and available for use if required.

Saltley[edit | edit source]

Incident Level

Code unknown

Minor delays.


Disruption due to congestion in the Birmingham New Street area; disruption due to congestion in the Tyseley area.

Owing to earlier congestion, there are a number of freight services off booked path. Priority should be given to late running services as appropriate, particularly in recognition of the TSRs in the area.

At Selly Oak, the Down starting signal, 52, has only a green aspect available. CrossCountry control are investigating diverting their services via Camp Hill, however there is no confirmation at this time due to further issues in the New Street area.

There are two Temporary Speed Restrictions (TSRs) in force today. The Up and Down Fast at Water Orton is subject to a 10mph TSR. The Up Slow at Whitacre Junction is subject to a 10mph TSR.

Panel allocations[edit | edit source]

Region Controller on Duty: TC60054 (talk) host
Power Signal Box Controller on duty Panel Signaller on duty
Saltley (SY) Jarley (talk) host South Top Mrdannyp (talk)
South Bottom Jack (talk)
Centre Deadly (talk)
North Goldenarrow (talk)
Birmingham New Street (NS)
Paid simulation
SharpSpiral (talk) host North IgnoredAmbience (talk)
Centre Laurencec123 (talk)
South 1 until 2200 littlereddragon (talk)
South 2 MinionJosh (talk)
Aston (AN) Jarley (talk) host Alrewas from 2030 MitchelMor (talk)
Lichfield Trent Valley
Derby (DY) Centre
Moira West

Incident Log[edit | edit source]

The Incident Log for this session can be found here

Participants[edit | edit source]

  • Jarley (talk)
  • laurencec123 (talk) Free after 1500. But might change due to the Winchester Agreement at work.
  • TC60054 (talk)
  • MinionJosh (talk) South 2 Preferred, Have all sims in the chain, Avaliable All day
  • deadly (talk) Free after 1900. Would quite like to continue on Saltley Centre.
  • Littlereddragon (talk) Until 22:00. Any panel excluding BNS centre.
  • Ela (talk) From 20:00-23:00. Anything but BNS as I no have payware :( (spare only if needed)
  • Goldenarrow (talk) - Available for the whole session. Experienced with Saltley but not worked others.
  • Jack (talk) - Always online, reasonably experienced with Saltley now. No payware but not averse to getting BNS.
  • IgnoredAmbience (talk) - The usual.
  • Mrdannyp (talk) - Available for entire session. Happy to step back if oversubscribed though.
  • MitchelMor (talk) - Complete beginner, no payware. Definitely available from 20:30 onwards, likely earlier. Happy to be a spare if needed
  • CallMeFlick (talk)
  • MichaelDono (talk) - Free until 22:30. Willing to buy BNS if need be.
  • theorangeone (talk) - not BNS, but happy to take whatever else