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SimSig Sessions
On Our Lines plays SimSig
6 - East Coast Mainline
Date13 March 2021
Start time1900
Simulation Information
Simulations in useKings Cross and Peterborough
Sim date15 April 2010
Sim time0800
Service alertsAll routes - code red
Upcoming Sessions

On Our Lines' sixth SimSig Session is taking place on Saturday 13 March 2021. Kings Cross and Peterborough power signal boxes. All are free simulations. There are panels to suit all abilities available, and newcomers are welcome. You can join #on-our-simsig-lobby at any time for the pre-session chat. We will have a halftime break at 2200, and anticipate finishing the session at around 0100; please let us know if you need to leave before then.

To sign up please edit the page and in the Participants section at the bottom enter your user name, your availability, experience level and which paid simulations you have, if any; if you have a preferred panel you can also list it here although this cannot be guaranteed.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Good afternoon East Coast signallers, this is your update from Network Rail regional control at 1200 hours. We currently have a code red in place across all routes, with major disruption due to earlier incidents.

All areas[edit | edit source]

Incident Level

Code unknown

Severe delays.


Major disruption on all routes. Ticket acceptance is in place on London Underground, local buses and with alternative rail operators on any alternative route.

There is major disruption to all routes following a train fire at Welwyn North and a passenger incident at Essex Road. All lines are now open, however residual delays of up to one hour may be experienced.

King's Cross[edit | edit source]

There is severe disruption to all services due to an earlier train fire in the Welwyn area, and a passenger incident at Essex Road.

  • 5Z35 has just departed Essex Road and is empty to Hornsey depot for cleaning. 5K21, currently at Welwyn Garden City, will be formed onto 2J43, vice Hertford North, to pick up the remainder of the diagram.
  • 1Z99 is underway from Welwyn North to clear the failed class 180 unit into Welwyn Up sidings. The class 66 locomotive will then be returned to GBRf for its booked working, 0M65, and Hull Trains will attend to their class 180.

Peterborough[edit | edit source]

There is severe disruption to all services due to an earlier train fire in the Welwyn area. A road user remains at Everton level crossing, awaiting MOM attendance following an earlier road traffic accident.

Panel allocations[edit | edit source]

Region Controller on Duty: Jarley (talk) host
Power Signal Box Controller on duty Panel Signaller on duty
Kings Cross (K) TC60054 (talk) host Cross lcawte (talk)
Finsbury Jack (talk)
Palace Littlereddragon (talk)
Welwyn Mrdannyp (talk)
Hitchin MichaelDono (talk)
Peterborough (P) Jarley (talk) host Hitchin-Tempsford MinionJosh (talk)
Little Barford-Stilton
Peterborough CallMeFlick (talk)
New England HiDeHi (talk)

Control Log[edit | edit source]

The control log from this session can be viewed here.

Participants[edit | edit source]