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SimSig Sessions
On Our Lines plays SimSig
3 - Great Western Mainline
Date20 February 2021
Host(s)Jarley (talk) host
TC60054 (talk) host
Simulation Information
Simulations in useExeter, Swindon & Didcot, Westbury
Sim date15 October 2009
Sim time0630
Service alertscode blue

On Our Lines' third SimSig Session is taking place on Saturday 20 February 2021. The Session will consist of a chain between Exeter, Swindon & Didcot and Westbury power signal boxes, with Plymouth* and Oxford* also available if required. Exeter, Swindon & Didcot and Westbury are free simulations, with Oxford and Plymouth both being payware. There are panels to suit all abilities available, and newcomers are welcome. The Session will be available to join from around 1845 for a 1900 start, and you can join #on-our-simsig-lobby at any time for the pre-session chat. We will have a halftime break at 2200, and anticipate finishing the session at around 0100; please let us know if you need to leave before then.

To sign up please edit the page and in the Participants section at the bottom enter your user name, your availability, experience level and which paid simulations you have, if any; if you have a preferred panel you can also list it here although this cannot be guaranteed.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Good morning Great Western signallers, this is your update from Network Rail regional control at 0630 hours. All routes are currently running a good service.

All areas[edit | edit source]

Incident Level

Code unknown

Service information.


High winds expected later today.

There are very high winds forecast along the south coast throughout the day today, which may have an impact on train running.

Swindon & Didcot[edit | edit source]

A good service is operating on all routes. There are a few late running freight trains in the area, and signallers should be careful to ensure that these are properly regulated for on time passenger services.

Westbury[edit | edit source]

A good service is operating on all routes.

Exeter[edit | edit source]

Incident Level

Code unknown

Minor delays.


Line closure in the Dawlish area due to high winds and sea spray.

Very high winds are forecast throughout the day today, with some gusts of up to 60mph expected. High winds have already been recorded in the Dawlish areas, and Network Rail route control have taken the decision to implement Level 2 working, with the closure of the Down Main line between Dawlish Warren and Teignmouth. All services will run on the Up Main line using bi-directional single line working (SLW) between these locations, and this is expected to remain in place at least for the rest of the day.

CrossCountry control have advised that they have taken the decision to suspend all services between Exeter St. Davids and Newton Abbot for the entirety of the day, including HST services, to enable service resilience and to ensure that their Voyager trains are not affected by waves which breach the railway. An hourly service is operating between Scotland and Exeter, and between Newton Abbot and Plymouth, with some additional services between Manchester and Exeter. There are no CrossCountry services operating between Plymouth and Penzance, between Exeter and Newton Abbot, and between Newton Abbot and Paignton. Ticket acceptance has been agreed with First Great Western and South West Trains.

High tide is expected to be around 0830, which may have additional impact on train running.

There is a good service running on all other lines.

Panel allocations[edit | edit source]

Region Controller on Duty: Jarley (talk) host controller & TC60054 (talk) host controller
Power Signal Box Controller on duty Panel Signaller on duty
Exeter (E) Panel A Lcawte (talk)
Panel B Jack (talk)
Exmouth Jn
Panel C laurencec123 (talk)
Swindon & Didcot (SN) Wootton Bassett (WKS1) From 2300 HiDeHi (talk)
Swindon (WKS2)
Didcot (WKS3) deadly (talk)
Westbury (W) Reading ConductorShoeTheMusical (talk)
Panel A MinionJosh (talk)
Panel B Goldenarrow (talk)

Participants[edit | edit source]

  • Jarley (talk)
  • CallMeFlick (talk) - Until the half time break or maybe slightly later. Cannot host, will be away from home.
  • TC60054 (talk)
  • Deadly (talk) - Own Oxford and am also familiar with Exeter and SwinDid. Preference for Oxford if included.
  • Mrdannyp (talk) - Will be free but away from home with unknown internet access. Will jump in if possible on an ad hoc basis.
  • Goldenarrow (talk) - Available for the whole session. Experienced with Westbury but not worked others.
  • MinionJosh (talk) - All Day, No payware Sims, however, don't mind picking them up if extra people are required.
  • Lcawte (talk) - No paid sims at this time.
  • Jack (talk) - All day, no payware at this time. Would prefer a moderately challenging panel…
  • HiDeHi (talk) - Available after 11pm, no payware and am familiar with Exeter and Swindon.
  • ConductorShoeTheMusical (talk) - Reading - Newbury panel pls.
  • laurencec123 (talk) - I’m capable on all sims. Available from start
  • Ela (talk) - Should be about from around 20:00 as a spare pair if needed to take a panel/monitor a panel. Also IT <3 (has to stop signalling at 11 due to family obligations)
  • alexjrobertson (talk) - Avaliable for all as it stands (depends how day shift goes at work may click off early if long day), no payware but happy to buy Plymouth (maybe Oxford too). Not used panels for this session but willing to learn quickly
  • IgnoredAmbience (talk) - Available for anything, available full session. Turns out the flat has had internet all along :facepalm:.