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Railway Operating Centre (ROC)
Version1.3.1 Alpha
DeveloperEla and Arturs
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During our SimSig Sessions voice communication will be provided by the Railway Operating Centre, or R.O.C. (pronounced: ɑːr əʊ siː). The ROC allows easy communication between Signallers and Controllers, breaking down each signalling area into their own channel. The ROC also allows private calls to be made between two users as required.

The ROC is a web app that will switch users between different Discord channels depending on a number of factors. To use the ROC, and therefore to be able to fully communicate with all participants during a Session, a user must join the On Our Lines Discord server, and request the SimSig role. Once this is done, users can login to the ROC with their Discord ID, unlocking its functionality. A Windows build is availible to download here.

Please note that ROC is still in it's ALPHA stages, and is slightly unstable and has some bugs. ROC is an open source project released under the GPL-V3 licence. It's repository (and where you can contribute) are avalible here on its GitHub

ROC can be used outside of a SimSig session, however panel names cannot be adjusted and no support is given to users outside of the official sessions.

Basic Usage[edit | edit source]

To enter into the ROC's system, you first must join the #on-our-simsig-lobby voice channel on the Discord before heading over to the ROC in your browser.

Copy your Discord Username (click on your name next to the settings cog in the bottom left of Discord) and paste it into the box. Click the Join Game button. It must include the discriminator (the # followed by 4 numbers).

You can set the panel you are working in the top right. Type in your panel name and click “Set Panel”

ROC Main Alpha
The main window of the ROC software (Alpha Version).

To join a sim, click on the "Join Sim" link for the sim you are working.

Calls[edit | edit source]

Normal Calls[edit | edit source]

Placing a Call[edit | edit source]

To place a call, click on the panel you wish to call. If the call is accepted, you will be moved to the private call channel. If not, you will hear a reject tone.

Receiving a call[edit | edit source]

If you receive a call, you will hear a phone ringtone and a call will be added to your call queue.

You can accept or reject the call from here. To accept the call, click the green button with the user's name. To reject, click the red X beside the user who you wish to reject.,

Leaving a call[edit | edit source]

To leave the private call, both participants must click the "Leave Call" button.

Railway Emergency Call[edit | edit source]

Sometimes an emergency call needs to be made to an entire panel, or other group.

Placing a REC[edit | edit source]

To place an Emergency Group Call, press the "EMERGENCY CALL" button. A pop up will appear asking you to either cancel or select the panel you wish to call.

Recieving a REC[edit | edit source]

If you are a recipiant of a REC, you will hear a siren, and your ROC screen will be filled with a warning. You can connect there or will be automatically connected to the REC. Stay on the line until the nature of the emergency is known, and you and the person in charge have come to a full and clear understanding. Press the "Leave Call" button on the voice channel in use.

Electron App[edit | edit source]

The Electron app can be downloaded from GitHub. The source code is also availible there. The Electron app is merely just a Chrome window, minus all the decorations. It just loads up the ROC webpage but allows you to have it in your taskbar.

Please be aware this is currently untested. It may not function exactly like the Chrome browser and therefore may have issues. Preliminary tests indicate there is no issue. However, do not expect much support if bugs are encountered.

Currently only avalible on Windows, however if users wish to build for other platforms, please do. The source code is avalible here.

Compatibility[edit | edit source]

Here is a compatibility chart of web browsers that ROC works with. Please note that testing takes place on the latest browser verison only.

Railway Operating Centre Compatability Chart
Desktop Browsers Mobile Browsers Standalone Apps
Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Microsoft Internet Explorer Apple Safari Chrome for Android Safari for iOS Chrome for iOS Firefox for iOS Electron App
Compatible? Full Full Full None Partial Full Partial None Partial Full
Notes Underlying technologies unsupported by IE.

Please use Edge or another browser.

Call audio (incoming and rejected) does not play by default (See note below).

WebSockets can randomly disconnect.

If the tab unloads, a full re-join is necessary.

If the tab unloads, a full re-join is necessary. Call audio (incoming and rejected) does not play.

WebSockets can randomly disconnect.

If the tab unloads, a full re-join is necessary.

Unknown yet. Investigating. Same issues as Safari for iOS.

All iOS browsers suffer the same bugs as Safari on iOS as all iOS browsers must use the Safari rendering engine.

Same compatability of Chromium browsers.

Sound on Safari[edit | edit source]

If you wish to have your phones ring on Safari on Desktop, please whitelist ROC in your browser settings to be allowed to autoplay audio and video.

Known Bugs[edit | edit source]

There are currently a number of known bugs present on the ROC; it is beta software and its development is ongoing.

  • Sleep/Screen locks: Ensure you leave the tab/window/tablet open without screen lock/auto sleep enabled. It will kick you if your device locks and you will have to rejoin from the lobby. This is a websockets thing. Basically don't let it unload.
  • It is possible to call one's self. Please just reject yourself if you call yourself. It won't cause any issues.

Please add bugs to the Issue Tracker.

Credits[edit | edit source]

Design: Ela and Arturs

Code: Ela

Libraries Utilised:


Support Development[edit | edit source]

If you enjoy playing SimSig with ROC, please consider dropping Ela a coffee and and supporting the On Our Lines Patreon. The Patreon helps pay for hosting and coffee keeps Ela's coffee mug full.